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Easton's Bible Dictionary

an Old English word for breastplate. In Job 41:26 (Hebrew shiryah) it is properly a "coat of mail;" the Revised Version has "pointed shaft." In Exodus 28:32 , 39:23 , it denotes a military garment strongly and thickly woven and covered with mail round the neck and breast. Such linen corselets have been found in Egypt. The word used in these verses is tahra , which is of Egyptian origin. The Revised Version, however, renders it by "coat of mail." (See ARMOUR .)

Hitchcock's Dictionary of Bible Names

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Smith's Bible Dictionary
a coat of mail covering the neck and breast. [ARMS]


The HABERGEON is mentioned but twice--in reference to the gown of the high priest. ( Exodus 28:32 ; 39:28 ) It was probably a quilted shirt or doublet.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
hab'-er-jun, ha-bur'-jun, the King James Version (tachara'):

In the Revised Version (British and American), Exodus 28:32 , 39:23, etc., "coat of mail"; in Job 41:26, "pointed shaft," margin "coat of mail."


3. Coat of Mail: Body armor for the protection of the person in battle is mentioned in the Old Testament and is well known in representations of Egyptian, Persian and Parthian warriors. The shiryon, translated "habergeon" in the King James Version, rendered in the Revised Version (British and American) "coat of mail," is part of the armor of Nehemiah's workers (Nehemiah 4:16), and one of the pieces of armor supplied by King Uzziah to his soldiers. (2 Chronicles 26:14). Goliath was armed with a shiryon, and when Saul clad David in his own armor to meet the Philistine champion he put on him a coat of mail, his shiryon (1 Samuel 17:5 , 38). Such a piece of body armor Ahab wore in the fatal battle of Ramoth-gilead (1 Kings 22:34). In the battle of Bethsura in the Maccabean struggle the Syrian war-elephants were protected with breastplates, the word for which, thorax, represents the shiryon in the Septuagint (1 Macc 6:43).

Isaiah in a striking figure describes Yahweh as putting on righteousness for a coat of mail and salvation as a helmet, where thorax and perikephalaia are the Greek words of the Septuagint to render shiryon and kobha`. It is from this passage (Isaiah 59:17) that Paul obtains his "breastplate of righteousness" (Ephesians 6:14).

RELATED: Breastplate of the High Priest

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